South Charlotte…meets South Africa!



…Cordially invites you to experience first-hand tales of African safari adventures andintroduction to a wine country like you have never imagined…

Napa on Providence in South Charlotte – Tuesday, October 28th at 7:00pm

 Guest lecturer Craig Glatthaar, a native and active African wildlife guide will delight us with his encounters…from hungry lions to cranky elephants; while educating us on lush

terrain that produces some of the most divine wine in the world!

Craig’s affection for these wild and dangerous animals along with fascination and respect for

hishomelandis completely genuine, deep and infectious.

Share with us in excitement and opportunity to meet and ask questions to one of the world’s foremost wildlife experts and enjoy African wine tastings from our own expert

Josh Lavis with The Country Vintner of Carolinas.

RSVP: or 704-604-9638

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