About Solis Escapes LLC

Leading Travel Agent Julie Harris Charlotte NC - Call 704.604.9638 for more details

Solis Escapes, LLC, a Lake Norman Travel Agency, specializes in chef led culinary groups and authentic, cultural journeys. Owner, Julie Harris, has traveled extensively around the world and her connections make for an unforgettable experience.

  • Small ship/Expedition cruising
  • Culinary & Wine Tours
  • Deep Culture
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Incentive Travel
  • Romantic getaways


  • Are you thinking about your next vacation but don’t have time in your busy schedule to plan it?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed when you want to research a destination on the internet?
  • Would you like to take a family trip to include your parents and children but not sure how to design it so that it will appeal to everyone?


For more than two decades, I’ve used my passion for bridging cultures to immerse myself in destinations – consider it research for custom experiences such as preparing authentic meals with locals, enrolling in a language class, lodging in a family-owned bodega, or cruising with an expert native crew. My fluency in French, Spanish, and English ensures clear communication with tour operators abroad, which translates into excellent customer service, whether as your planning consultant and advocate or as an escort on family and group trips.

Specialties: Over the years I’ve focused on cultural and special-interest travel, with lots of culinary groups and chef-led trips.

What I love to plan: I’m an active traveler and love soft-adventure vacations. I get excited about people looking to get out and experience and physically embrace the world.

Favorite destinations: Ecuador and the Galápagos – Quito for gaucho culture in the countryside and the scenic volcano, and the Galápagos, of course, for nature. And I’ll never grow  tired of Bali for its people, the cuisine, and the spirituality – this island packs it in.

Most memorable travel experience: I was whale-watching in Washington’s San Juan Islands when an orca pod came past. The grandfather leapt into the air and twirled, prompting the others to follow suit. It reminded me that some of the world’s best adventures are right in our backyard.

Best food city: Every year, my teenage son and I visit to Chicago to eat.

Where next: Peru and Chile, New Zealand, Sri Lanka.