Puerto Rico

A culture where all are welcome…

From indigenous native cuisine to that of the colonizing Spaniards, the international cooking style in Puerto Rico makes for some of the best eating in the Carribean. Comida criolla consists of many different ingredients, including roast pork, rice, beans, deep-fried plantains, and yucca.

Tour El Morro, the oldest Spanish fort in the “New World.” Then fly kites in the adjacent giant lawn where you can take in a gorgeous view of the ocean.


El Yunque is an ecotour adventure in the Luquillo mountains. This tropical rainforest offers inspiring views of valleys, the Atlantic Ocean, Carribean Sea and the Spanish Virgin Islands off to the east. La Parilla, a kiosk in Luquillo, was one of our favorite spots for dinner on the beach.

Taking the two-hour ferry ride to Culebra, home to the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge and one the oldest bird sanctuaries in United States territory, from the main island is well worth your time.


Considered by the Discovery Channel to be the second-most beautiful beach in the world, Flamenco Beach is a must-see! Sip on refreshing coconuts under the palm trees here while eating pinchos, Spanish tapa-like appetizers eaten off a toothpick, of chicken and beef or whole-fried red snapper.

Phosphorescent Bay gets its name from the high concentration of phosphorescent dinoflagellates that reside underwater there and give the water its luminous glow. An evening trip through the lagoon is fascinating; hundreds of fish may be seen whipping up bright-green contrails below the surface of your kayak. Snorkeling in the adjacent wildlife refuge is a must.